acrylics, 23 carat gold leaf and copper powders on handmade nepalese bark paper.
9 x 12 cm

"My Lady d’Arbanville,
you look so cold tonight
Your lips feel like winter,
your skin has turned to white

I loved you my Lady,
though in your grave you lie
I’ll always be with you,
this rose will never die.”

his is a beautiful and tragic story of love which continues beyond death, sung by Cat Stevens.

The rich gilding of this illumination, done in Art Nouveau style, blends 23 carat gold leaf with several different shades of copper powders.

It depicts a medieval couple, a young knight weeping over the hand of his deceased lady love, who lies decked in resplendent white, as if asleep.

The background is a XV° century panel pattern of turquoise and red checkers and the silver-inked calligraphy is a traditional gothic. The reference to the rose is repeated in the lower border by a row of wild crimson roses...