aquarelle and acrylics, 23 carat gold leaf
and gold powder on recycled paper

12 x 16 cm

he Sanskrit text in this painting is an excerpt from the Skanda Puranas (VI° century AD) which describes the concept of God.

Foremost among the numerous gods of India (each symbolizing a different aspect of God) appears the Trimurti (holy Triad) : Brahma, who is said to have created the universe; Vishnu, who is the caretaker of this creation, and who took several incarnations over the course of time when need arose (among them the well-known Krishna); and Shiva, whose task it will be to destroy the universe when it has reached completion of a cycle (at the moment when the balance between good and evil is disrupted) so that Brahma can then proceed to recreate it.

As such, Shiva is known as the
destroyer of evil, and is also considered to be the keeper of absolute knowledge. In these two verses, he imparts us the knowledge of God principle:

“I am unborn, I am free from old age.
My being is without beginning nor end.
I am unchangeable.
I am Consciousness and Bliss, smaller than the smallest, greater than the greatest.

I am beyond all primeval things.
I am ever-lasting, self-luminous,
taintless, and completely pure.
I am the supreme space. I am immovable, blissful and imperishable”