acrylics and aquarelle, 23 carat gold leaf,
silver and copper leaves
on handmade chiffon paper

65 x 33 cm

m Namah Shivaya is a Sanskrit mantra which translates as : “I bow to God, who dwells within me”

Shiva is one of the foremost gods of the Hindu pantheon, and is known as the destroyer of evil. In one story from the Puranas (IV° to VII° centuries AD), Shiva slays a demon and starts to dance on the corpse, thus reestablishing the balance between good and evil which had temporarily been disrupted..

This dance of Shiva brings harmony to the world and burns all negativities.

The predominance of blue in this painting symbolizes the passage to another sphere of being, and the Celtic peacocks in the Gothic “O” are reminders of the immortality of the soul.