2001 - 2002

acrylics and aquarelle, 23 carat gold leaf,
silver and copper leaves
on handmade chiffon paper and cardboard

26 x 34 cm

fter studying eastern European icons for some time, I decided to paint my own representation of the Holy Virgin and baby Jesus.

I have always loved orthodox crosses, but it deeply saddens me that their depiction of Jesus is invariably of his dying moments. So, I preferred to paint a cute, bright baby in the arms of his loving mother, a baby who will grow into an extraordinary person who’ll preach peace among humans and spread love all over the world.

The decoration of the cross includes triskells, celtic eagles and peacocks, which are early Christian symbols of Trinity, Christ and immortality.
The repetitive spirals symbolize an association with the power of the sun, which has ever been a manifestation of divinity and fertility.