acrylics, 23 carat gold leaf,
silver leaf and copper powders
on handmade mexican bark paper

50 x 20 cm

m Namah Shivaya is a Sanskrit mantra which translates as: “I bow to God, who dwells within me”.

This illumination decorates a meditation hall, in the heart of an old stone house surrounded by fields of wildflowers...

While I was focusing on the feel of the place for this specially commissioned work, I observed some small lizards coming to bask in the sun, which incited me to create a gold and copper lizard in relief, among the clover leaves and flowers bordering the text.

The 23 carat gold relief work on the leaves took several weeks to build up, and the final volumes are raised to approximately a centimeter in height.

The predominance of blue in this painting symbolizes the passage to another sphere of being, and the peacocks wreathed in the Celtic “O” are reminders of the immortality of the soul.