1999 - 2000

acrylics and aquarelle, 23 carat gold leaf,
silver and copper leaves
on handmade bhutani rice paper

58 x 78 cm

his painting is the illustration of an old French song, which is the beautiful but sad story of a young girl and a rose.

The rose tells the maiden the story of her birth at dawn, about how she bathed in drops of dew and opened herself to the rays of the rising sun, then come nighttime curled up and fell asleep. But when she awoke the next day, she found she had already become old.

And even though yesterday she was the most beautiful flower of the garden, today her head drooped and she felt death calling to her, and knew that tomorrow she would be dust forever.

The maiden then sings :
“We are but a small thing, and my friend the rose died this morning.

A beautiful allegory that tells us to live our lives fully, for time passes swiftly.