acrylics, 23 carat gold leaf and copper powders
on handmade chiffon paper,
with gilded bamboo support and organza bows
25 x 28.5 cm

he Buddha, or Enlightened One, is one of my favourite subjects. When Prince Siddhartha was born, long ago in a small kingdom of the Himalayas, a prophecy was made : that he would become a king of kings or a great saint...

Prince Siddhartha grew up in a shertered environment, seeing only the most beautifiul things about life, and only discovered about old age, disease and death when he was an adult and a married man. Greatly troubled by what he had just recently discovered, he decided to leave the palace, renounce the world and seek for a way to end sorrow.

Thus, he underwent the long and difficult spiritual quest which finally led him to enlightenment while sitting under a bodhi tree.

The Buddha is here represented in the center of an open lotus flower, one of the most ancient symbols of spiritual awakening. His hands bless us with the appeasing Abhaya mudra (posture), by which he destroys fear.