ith her very own perception and philosophy, she brings us into a dimension of profound spirituality and symbolism, in which her exquisite paintings illuminated with leaves of gold and silver convey her unfailing faith in the human soul and the intrinsic perfection of all things. Sara sees life through a poet’s eye and offers us her vision through her works.

ara Korbanka’s first show was held in 2003 on the French Riviera, and from that moment on, her career has been growing wings. Her paintings now adorn several private international collections, and she has recently been honoured by the Royal Award of the « Lys d’Or » for her artistic achievement. Previously granted to members of the international Gotha, the City of Cannes, and a few rare artists, she was personally handed this trophy by the Duke of Aquila, cousin to the King of Spain, during a ceremony held in the Hotel Negresco (Nice, France).

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