ara Korbanka, full time artist, has taken quite an unusual path through life, as her works eloquently demonstrate.

er childhood was spent in India, where she bathed from the first in the extraordinary wealth of its ancient arts and culture. Lulled by the haunting music of the sitar and the perfumes of incense, she immerses herself in the reading of Hindu mythology and tradition, where tolerance and ideal are upheld as high moral values.

ears later when she moves to Europe, she becomes captivated by legends and tales of the Middle-Ages, which in turn lead her on to the study of illumination, once considered a sacred art. Sara develops a real passion for its difficult techniques, and is immediately inspired by this new means of symbolical expression.

ara Korbanka’s art is unique, noble, refined. Blending the wisdom of ancient India to the millenial techniques of illumination, it is at once timeless and modern, structured and metaphysical.

er unique talent, her sense of detail and minutia, her remarkable technique only highlight the depth of her sensitivity, of her vision. At the heart of her work lies a message of peace and harmony, in which beauty and virtue are intimately linked.

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